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Report of Pabst Price per Ounce

Price per Pabst Ounce Calculations.

30-pack 12oz.
360oz / 12.50 = 3.4 cents per ounce

24-pack 16oz
384oz/ 13.50 = 3.5 cents per ounce

half-barrel ( 165.3 12oz. beers )
1984oz/ 42.50 = 2.2 cents per ounce

six-pack of 16oz cans
96oz/ 4.50 = 4.7 cents per ounce

40oz bottle
40oz/ 2.80 = 7 cents per ounce

king can
24oz/ 1.50 = 6.25 cents per ounce

*note: all keg and case prices are from Mellinger's Beer Distributor, six-pack price is from Uncle Jimmy's, and king can and forty-ounce price is from the O.

The Best Deal is.....
After careful calculations, the Pabstville staff has concluded that the best deal PPPO ( price per Pabst ounce ) is the keg.

However, if you only need a case or two of PBR, the best bargain PPPO is the 30-pack of 12oz cans.


The Pabst Beer Math--- By Pabst Lovers, for Pabst Lovers.